What will you do if someone holds out your 5 days of pure bliss, pleasure, and ecstasy? You will grasp it beyond any questions, afterthoughts, and doubts! Mounthikers is a fantastic trek group that provides the Kedarkantha Trekking Package at a low price with pleasant facilities.

Appraised to be one of the A-1 winter treks in India, the Kedarkantha Trek Package provides a second-to-none experience to trek across snow-covered trails and splendors in the mountains even at the time of dead winters too.

The Kedarkantha trek package begins from the bizarre village of Sankri in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. The Kedarkantha trek is elevated at the height of 12,500 feet or 3,800 meters above sea level.

The Kedarkantha Trek is located within Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttarakhand. When we reach the summit, it will provide us a 360-degree view of Yamunotri, Gangotri ranges, Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag, Ranglana peaks, and another swivel of Har ki Doon Trek makes an appearance.

The entire trek takes up to 5 days starting from Sankri village and back, apart from other days for travelling from Dehradun and farther. With far-reaching scenes of snowy peaks almost all throughout the trail, through dense pine and oak tree forests and bushes, frozen lakes, snowy pathways charm the Kedarkantha trek.

The Kedarkantha trek references come candidly related from Mahabharata, the myth is related to Pandavas, who were departure to seek Lord Shiva’s blessings.

He concealed from Bheem and formed himself as a bull. But Bheem nailed him and went after him. So, Lord Shiva had undergrounded himself.

When he jumped out of his hiding place, he had himself divided his body into parts, and each part of his body had fallen at different locations. His throat dropped on the Kedarkantha, thus, the peak attained its name as – transliteration – “The Throat Of Lord Shiva”.

From December to April, trekkers have great leisure to not only be on the scene of snowy landscapes but also can take the amiable experience of trekking at the decrepitating snow.

With only a voracious amount of snow and barren temperature abruptions, the Kedarkantha trek package is not too difficult and the first-timer can also enjoy this without any kind of unsuitability.

The Kedarnath Trek Weather:
In Summer (May to June)

The hot mornings with a maximum of 20°C and cold evenings with a minimum of 6°C, without snow in the environment & a mild rain, may happen at May end.

In Monsoons (July to August)

Moderate to heavy rain can occur with interrupted landslides having maximal day temperature of 17°C and minimal night temperature of 4°C, without snow in the environment.

In Autumn (September to November)

The mild mornings with a maximum of 15°C hotness and very cold evenings with a minimum of 2°C cold, without snow in the environment, and moderate rainfall may happen at the end of September.

In Winter (December to February)

The mild cold mornings with a maximum of 10°C and overly cold nights with a minimum of -8°C cold, with crispy snowfall in the environment.

In Spring (March to April)

Dense green forests and bushes with a day temperature maximal of 12°C make the Kedarkantha trek one of the best photography spots, with warm mornings and frosty evenings with 0-5°C.


The Kedarkantha trek has both mythological and adventurous significance. The Kedarkantha Trek Package builds your journey to spirituality, nature’s beauty, and audaciousness.

With a route dotted with thick oak and pine bushes, licentious green grasslands, serene lakes, picture-perfect campsites, and all-embracing views of mighty Himalayan peaks, the Kedarkantha trek grants the perfect mix-up of challenges, adventures, spirituality, divinity, and breathtaking views.