Calm is a beautiful superpower with so many answers and Har Ki Doon Trek is one such epitome of calmness. Due to its mythological significance from Mahabharata, it is also referred as the ‘Valley of Gods’ or Valley of Har (Shiva), is among the most renowned treks of Himalayas which is not only famous in India but internationally too. It is believed that it is a route which was chosen by Pandavas while heading towards the heaven through the domineering cliffs of Swargarohini. There is also a famous temple located at Osla, which is devoted to Duryodhana.
Har Ki doon trek in Uttarakhand is situated in the western part of the Garhwal peaks in the Uttarkashi district which is an ascending climb of approximately 14 km from Osla. It is one of the oldest peaks of the Himalayas and is undoubtedly one of the foremost trekkers delight of the country.

About the Har Ki Doon Trek

The approximate altitude of the trek is around 12,000 ft which is an estimated trekking of 47km with a terrain of gradual incline or decline. The trek is considered to be of moderate difficulty and that is why is the most preferred trek for the beginners. It usually has an accessibility both in winter as well as the summer season. The huge rush of trekkers is usually observed on the Har Ki Doon Trek after the monsoons i.e., September to November. It’s an abode to crazy landscapes that can leave one spellbound.

Breathtaking Views with Affluent Bionetwork:

Incredible as it seems, walking through the eternal meadow of Har Ki Doon is one of those enthralling experiences that remain engraved on heart and soul for life. The trail rewards you with enrapturing views of snowcapped silvery mountains, the mystical alpine meadows, the green patches of orchids, rhododendrons and dense pine forests with a wide variety of medicinal plants, which make this place a beautiful wonderland.

The trek is a paradise for shutterbugs and adventure seekers as the place is flushed with wide variety of flora and fauna. It is definitely a treat to the eye and fuel for the soul, especially for the birdwatchers and animal lovers, as the place is located in the very heart of the Govind Ballabh National Park. One can reward his/her eyes with the view of mighty birds like Himalayan monal, rose finch, redstart, bearded vulture and animals like musk deer, brown bear, koklas, snow leopard and many more. The Har Ki Doon Valley offers to wanderers, the nature enthusiasts and the photographers to capture some of the best shots on the trail that could last a lifetime.

The Vintage Life of Locals

At Har Ki Doon, one could be blessed to come across some of the oldest villages of the mountains like Datmir, Osla, Gangad, etc., which is quite rare when one treks in The Indian Himalayas. One can spend few nights with the regional people in village homes and it will give a raw vintage feels where people are living contently in limited resources. The kids and locals will always greet with smile and will have many stories to tell and along the way of exploring this remarkable place one can definitely find time to create his/her own story

Camping Experience

Like any other trip to mountains, this trek also offers a mesmerizing overnight camping experience, which can be spent sitting around the campfires, sharing tents, gazing the stars and capturing memories.

Trekking in Himalayas will bring you closer to nature in a way you have never experienced before and Har Ki Doon Trek in Uttarakhand is one such flawless natural treasure, which one shouldn’t miss when it comes to taking a break from the routine chaotic city life. It will drive one towards a journey of spiritual transcendence and eternal bliss. A place with a terrific ancient culture, mountain views, grasslands, rivers and streams are waiting for you, as one should definitely have experience of travelling to places where Wi-fi is WEAK!